Deep basement nights, with a few of the homies, is when a new artist was born, and a new journey was ahead in life.  Undergoing struggles, Marcus would pour alot of his heart out through poetry, because of influences from artists like Tupac, Nas, and a couple of his uncles that were deep into poems as well as writing.  He excelled in writing and finally learned how to voice his opinion and put it on record.  Finding his sound was a rough trip, but he still spoke about a troubled young man who had to grow up fast, hailing out of Newark, New Jersey's northward, and other cities in Essex County, NJ.  Marcus believed that if he spoke on relatable issues, it would touch the minds and hearts of others.  Dilemmas with family, streets, drugs, authority, and losses, were always a driven factor for his music, and it triggered Marcus to become numb to many situations in his life, transitioning himself from albums such as "Growth," to the dark "Changes."  At this point, his music made a change from a more conscious route to a smart and street savvy ettiquette sound, which made supporters interested in what had been going on in his life. He learned to control a crowd, build a pretty solid fan base locally, and started capitalizing on the empire he started to build. His powerful voice captivates listeners, and allows them to listen to his deep lyrics, and have a good time as well to his hit songs.  Now the 25 year old, is in a mode where there's no turning back to anything normal, where music is going to be his life, and finding his way of being a pastor to the community, in which he was brought up in.  This journey is what is going be Making a Man, and making him the artist known today as Marcus Ariah.